Mr. & Mrs. Rackley

Amanda & Bobby are officially MARRIED!

Eeek! They're both graduate students in the Divinity School at Duke, and I have been so blessed to watch their relationship from day one. ("Beth, I met this guy & he asked for my number and we're going out to lunch. Facebook stalk him with me!") They are absolutely beautiful people with a huge heart for God & others, and I couldn't be more excited to be a part of their day :)

Yep. That's the only picture I have. And I didn't even take it. Awesome, Beth. I spent the entire evening with my RA loves: Casey, Kevin, & Naomi. I got to see Erik for the first time in exactly a year since he's home from Iraq. I watched Amanda & Bobby's first dance as husband and wife, and the cutting of the cake, and her singing to him. And I don't have pictures of any of it.

At least I drew this to make up for my epic photographing fail. It's fairly realistic. Except I didn't actually wear earrings. And it was raining, so our hair that started out straight pretty much exploded by the end of the night. On second thought, maybe it's a good thing I didn't take any other pictures...

I spent the night in Jacksonville (where the wedding was) and went to church with Zach (who also lives in Jacksonville...) this morning at First Baptist (of Jacksonville, just clarifying). This is our third Christmas as a couple, but the first Christmas Sunday we've ever spent together. Actually, it's the first time we've gotten to see each other during the week of Christmas, period. I love Christmas Sunday & singing all the Christmas hymns, & I was super excited when the service started with my absolute favorite: "Oh Come, All Ye Faithful."

(For years and years, my favorite Christmas hymn was "O Little Town of Bethlehem," but that's only because my name is in the title. No worries. Bethlehem is also mentioned in the first verse of "Oh Come, All Ye Faithful.")

After church, Zach told me he had rented Charlie St. Cloud from redbox and said he'd watch it with me as long as I promised that he was my favorite Zac(h). Sorry, Mr. Efron. Looks like you're gonna have to settle for #2.

Long story short, we stopped the movie after watching it for about twenty minutes. It was sad. I don't like being sad. I'm sure it gets better, obviously. But I really was not into watching a guy work in the graveyard where his little brother was buried, even if the guy was Zac Efron. Last time we rented a movie from redbox in Jacksonville, we watched Up... and I proceeded to cry the absolute hardest I ever have in my entire life. Hmph. We need happier movie selections.

When I got back to Duke, I found this pretty little note tacked on the board outside my door:

Aw, I love my residents. It's so weird without them here --- the dorm is quiet! Haha, I do miss them, though. We close everything tomorrow at noon, and then I am officially on my way to Winston for Christmas break. Thank goodness :)