My Baby Sister

Corrie & I are 5 years, 4 months, and 8 days apart. We're excellent roomies.

I had my own room growing up, and Katherine shared with Corrie. But when I went to college, Katherine moved into my room, so now I share with Corrie when I come home. The first night I was home on Christmas break (Monday night/Tuesday morning), I woke up early because I was having a nightmare. I don't exactly remember what it was about. I just remember there was blood. And knives. No good.

I woke Corrie up since I was thoroughly freaked out. She wasn't too thrilled, but she stayed up with me. What a sweet sissy :)

Since we bonded during my nightmare scare, we had a Beth/Corrie day. Our lunch date destination? Kimono's, of course. (Katherine can only eat like, three foods in the world, so Kimono's is a rare treat in our family). Loveee it. I also love the fact that Hallmark is next door. Not just any Hallmark. Beth's Hallmark. No lie. When I was five, I just knew that's where I was going to work when I grew up ;)

After Kimono's & Hallmark, it came time for the oh-so-long anticipated "Corrie-gets-to-drive-with-Beth-as-her-legal-adult" car trip. Corrie has her learner's permit, and the law is that she can drive with another licensed driver who has had their license for five or more years. I hit the five year mark last month, so I rode shotgun while Corrie drove us home. It was super monumental. You know... you teach your little sister to tie their shoes, stand outside the bathroom and coach them through their first tampon (that's probably too much information), and now I got to be the legal adult in the car. I should also note that she has become an excellent driver, and I was not scared once. So proud.

I love my baby sister :)