Aly G

I decided to use my formspring to choose a blog topic today. After using the random number generator, the winner was:

"Alyson Garst (: or unicorns."

Seriously? I was tempted to write about unicorns for a minute, but everyone knows they're not real, so today's post is for my true love, Aly G.

Hahaha, I think I need a "top 100 reasons why I love Alyson Garst" post, because there's definitely that many. This pretty girl has literally been through it all with me---from being in the same cabin at tenderfoot camp in '98 to the infamous Unit 6 in '06, road tripping for two weeks across 15 states together, AND being the only witness of the night Zach & I started dating (David was asleep). Thank you, Aly G, for being a loyal blog reader (stalker) as well as my mud-slidin', Panther Falls-jumpin', top-bottom-bunk-bed big-V true love :)