Spring Semester

I'm back at Duke :) I actually moved in two days ago; the res halls opened at noon on Saturday. We don't start classes until Wednesday, but I just realized that I have no idea what my schedule looks like this semester. I remembered that I don't have Friday classes, or any early morning classes, but I had forgotten how awesome my schedule is gonna be!

Art of the US.
TTh 10:05-11:20
Amidst one of our numerous all-nighters last semester, Helen had the brilliant idea to take a class together since we're always together anyway. She just switched her major to art history, and since I'm pretty much done with my major requirements/just need classes to fill the minimum credit requirements, I agreed to take an art history class with her. It looks relatively painless. Fingers crossed. Pros: (1) it's on East Campus, meaning I can leave the dorm at 10:00 & make it to class before 10:05 & (2) I'm with Helen, whom I adore, & I'll now have motivation to actually go to class. Cons: (1) I took an art history course during the first semester of my freshman year... and it's still my least favorite class EVER. Everyone assures me I took the worst possible one available and all the others are much better. Let's hope so.

Digital Printmaking
MW 2:50-4:05
Silkscreening, how I've missed you! Graphic design + silkscreen = pure bliss. Get excited for lots of awesome projects this semester. Pros: Professor Shatzman is honestly my favorite person on the planet, and I would probably take something like Advanced Calculus taught in Chinese if she was teaching it. Cons: We got our roster this week and after SIX semesters as an art student in the same department as Kyle Singler... I still will never have a class with him. I mean, I see him in the art studio a lot, and Professor Shatzman is his advisor too, but he has no idea who I am. Six semesters in the same department, really? The Visarts Department at Duke is smaller than Calvary. How have we never had a class together?

Independent Study
Whenever I Want :)
As mentioned last week, I'm doing an independent study with the Duke University marching band, designing flyers, posters, logos, letterheads, etc. Pros: (1) my advisor is Professor Shatzman & (2) since it's an independent study, I don't actually have to GO to class (When you're allergic to the cold, you get really excited about not having to leave your room in 30-degree weather.) Cons: I'm actually the world's worst self-motivator, but hopefully this will be a great time for me to make a schedule for myself and actually stick to it.

Integrated Marketing Communications.
TTh 1:15-2:30
I don't actually know what this class is. Nor do I know why I signed up to take it, other than the fact that I really liked the idea of no Friday classes, so I was determined to keep my schedule that way. Hm. Mixed reviews on Rate My Professor. Stay tuned. This could very well end up getting dropped.

Markets and Marketing.
T 6:00-8:30
I'm pretty sure the cons for this class outweigh the pros: (1) 2 1/2 hour lectures are the pits, (2) it's on West Campus, and (3) let's be serious - it comes on during One Tree Hill. Ha! I doubt any of those are valid reasons to drop a class, so I'll stick with it. Besides, I love marketing & this is one of the core classes for the marketing certificate. AND it counts for one of my two research credits that I still need to graduate (I've been putting that off. No fun).

Oh, heyy weekend that starts Thursday at 2:30pm & goes until Monday at 2:50pm. I could get used to you :) This works out great for this semester, since I'm on the leadership team for a Christian retreat at Camp Bethel called Pilgrimage, and I'll be spending some weekends in VA between now & the end of March. Also, Zach begins pre-deployment training in mid-February and will essentially be gone the rest of the semester out in California & whatnot, so I'm thinking these extra-long weekends will be perfect for trips to Raleigh & Chapel Hill & Bridgewater :)

Eh, but let's be serious. I'll probably change my schedule fourteen times before Friday.