Photo Dump

Long story short, I have a billion pictures on my camera that stare at me every day, pleading, "please share us with the world, too. Aren't we good enough?"

Yes, little pictures, you are good enough. You're just entirely random and don't really go together in any cohesive manner. But, I suppose life is random, and today I will celebrate the randomness of life with a montage of pictures that have nothing to do with one another.

Exhibit A: The Llama-Frog Card

Lauren wrote me last month & I responded with this little pretty. At National Youth Conference 2006, Devin started referring to me as "the frog" due to the fact that I spent the entire week riding on the bus with my legs bent & my feet in the seat like a frog. (I still naturally sit tucked in a little ball whenever I go to class and have to remind myself that I'm 21 years old & my feet go on the floor.) My frog legs, combined with the fact that my eyeballs are twice the size of a normal human being (not kidding), earned me the nickname "cutest frog ever."

As far as Lauren?

Well, she's a llama simply because she can do this:

She can even make the appropriate sound effects to go along with it. I bet nobody else has a picture of themselves doing the llama while watching the sunset at the Grand Canyon.

And thus we've been llama & frog ever since.

Exhibit B: My Alarm Clock

I took this picture for a project a while back & showed it to Zach. He responded with, "that's really cool!"

"What's so cool about it?"

"The time... 6:27. It's our anniversary. June 27."

Please tell me what other guy in the world would have pieced that together? Plus ten points for the boyfriend.

Exhibit C: The Paracord Bracelet

Simply put, these things are to the military what silly bands are to a class of second graders. No joke.

It's made out of 550 cord/paracord which was used in military parachutes back in the day & can hold up to 550 pounds (hence the name). This little baby has 24 feet of cord in it!

The guys wear them as bracelets, but in case of an emergency, they can unravel them and... I don't know, repel down a cliff or do something equally extreme and awesome.

Zach's been wanting one for a while. The "Survival Straps" website sells them for a grand total of $29.90. Girl, please. I put on my big girl britches, went to a military surplus store, bought some 550 cord, and made the entire thing for all of $2.25. Plus fifteen girlfriend points for me :)

Exhibit D: The Victory Bonfire

I know I posted pictures from Blue Devil Planet, but these were actually taken with my own camera. And I have approximately 300 more that look the exact same. Just proof that I was there... in the front row...

Exhibit E: Valentine's Day

Mommy & Daddy sent me a package with some chocolate that has shamelessly been devoured already AND a Krispy Kreme valentine good for one free doughnut. Kacey? Cameron?

A valentine from one of my sweet residents. Also note the candy has been eaten :)

A card in the mail from my mom's cousin :)

and... my Valentine's Day card from Grandma & Grandpa. She apologized for not having time to go out and buy actual valentines. Um, Grandma? Pretty sure the whole "being-in-the-hospital-with-Grandpa-for-83-days" thing gets you off the hook this year. Trust me. This valentine means more to me than any red & pink heart-covered card ever could.

Exhibit F: Domo Sushi

The past two Mondays, I've gone to Cary while Kacey was working & devoured some sushi. I never ate sushi until a couple of months ago. And now? It's pretty much my favorite food. No lie, I eat it on campus about three times a week as well. So. good.

Branching out from the standard "maynard" maki roll.

I'm thinking this is going to quickly turn into a Monday night tradition.

Also, let's point out how pro I am at using chopsticks.

Exhibit G: The Chalkboard Wall

My cute little tree is growing & it makes me so happy. (It's a little hard to read in these pics---MC, Casey, Kacey, "The Special One"--Megan, Anne, & Hong).

Helen has decided to trace her hand every time she comes over to visit or spend the night, which is currently about as frequent as I eat sushi.

But oh, how I love her.

Exhibit G: #1 Duke

This beauty of a picture wasn't necessarily on my camera, but I did compile a few screenshots of the various sports' headlines when I woke up this morning. I mean, ten straight weeks at number one was nice, but the past three weeks at lowly number five has been a little disheartening. It's nice to see us back on top.

May your day be random & wonderful and full of sushi :)