Say Hey (I Love You)

I know I've been really slack about blogging this week. You know what I did instead? I took a nap. Every single day, I'm pretty sure. I think I took more than one on Wednesday. It got to the point where I almost felt guilty for not soaking up every bit of sunlight, but I pulled the "I'm-a-college-student" card and reminded myself that in a little over a year, napping every day will no longer be acceptable & I need to enjoy it while I can. And oh, I did enjoy it. And I don't feel guilty one bit :)

With that being said, I was wide awake at 5AM with this lovely little song in my head. Seriously, what better way to start a Friday?

So I listened to it, and I listened to it again, and I actually got out of bed at a much later 6:45AM, determined to suck all the marrow out of life today. I opened my blinds to find this:

For half a second, I contemplated crawling back into my little bed because there's nothing better than naps on rainy days. I don't even have class on Fridays; there was no need for me to be up. But then I remembered how I was going to suck all the marrow out of life today, so I decided there's nothing better than naps on rainy days except stomping in puddles with rain boots.

And that's exactly for I did.

I put on my rain boots (which I love more than any pair of shoes I own & would wear every day if I could get away with it). I also put on my men's x-large, bright yellow rain jacket, because I wanted a yellow rain jacket more than anything and the only one in Dick's the day before I left to work at camp was a men's x-large. Sold.

I know. I'm going to have stubborn, stubborn children one day who insist on dressing themselves and end up in various combinations of plaid and loud polka dots and stripes. And let it be known now that if that's what they want to wear, then that's what they'll wear, because goodness knows my mother put up with my lack of fashion sense.

With my "tree hugger, planet lover" canvas bag in tow, I walked directly across the street to... Whole Foods. (Yes, I can see Whole Foods from my bedroom window. It's a problem.) I made sure to jump in every puddle I saw :)

Just a sampling of my Whole Foods purchases from this morning:

Yes, my soap is made from goat's milk. And it's covered in shamrocks since St. Patrick's Day is less than three weeks away. I love my life.

Also, I should mention that I get awful, awful mouth sores every month (yes, it's related to other wonderful things that happen every month) and they hurt SO badly. I've tried a lot of supposed cures, but haven't had much luck, so I decided to try this:

It says to take it three times a day, and you know what? I can actually tell a huge difference already. Keep your fingers crossed that this works!

I decided the best way to top off my puddle-jumping, Whole Foods-shopping, goat's milk-showering morning was with... a Duke waffle from the Marketplace.

No worries. I smothered this baby with butter & syrup & whipped cream after the picture. And blueberries, just so it had some nutritional value. Add a couple of vegan sausage patties & a cup of chocolate soy milk, and I'm a happy little girl :)

And now? I'm laying here wearing my pink fuzzy socks & sipping on my green tea...

...when I noticed sunlight pouring in the room. Um, hello, when did that happen? It's gorgeous outside. Four hours ago it was pouring rain.

It's a perfect day for sucking the marrow out of life :)