Behind Every Clever Girl

I recently came across this site during my daily Etsy browsing:

And it made me giggle.

Two weeks before Zach and I started dating, I fell into a creek with my camera in my back pocket (I know, I know. Awesome). I didn't buy another camera until the end of summer, so we don't really have any documentation of our first few months of dating. However, I did recently find this in camp's archives:

On second thought, maybe it's a good thing Zach & I don't have much photographic evidence from the beginning of our relationship :)

Yep, I fell for my cutie with a beard and glasses. Mind you, this is Zach's beard after only one day of not shaving. It gets WAY bushier. (Seriously. That thing was hugeee when we started dating). And although Zach has to shave every day in the Marine Corps, he says the epic beard will make its return as soon as EAS rolls around (667 more days---not that we're counting...) I suppose I'm okay with that, since I am a clever girl, after all :)