April Babies

I don't know what it is about those April babies, but three of my favorite girls in the world have birthdays this weekend!

My HALF birthday is this weekend as well (Saturday)... just throwing that out there :)

My two younger cousins, Lydia & Sophia, will turn 10 & 9, and Zach's little sister, Olivia, is turning 13! My Easter weekend will also be filled with birthday parties, so I'm sure you'll hear more about it. In the meantime, though, since I won't be able to see Olivia for her birthday, I made her a birthday video:

Disclaimer: I'm really awkward when I make videos. Let's be serious. I'm really awkward all the time.

Double Disclaimer: I've never actually seen Twilight & I never intend on seeing Twilight. But I know everything I'll ever need to know about Twilight because Miss Olivia loves her some Robert Pattinson.

Triple Disclaimer: Just for legality purposes, I didn't necessarily record all of those videos. Amy Farrington & I had a little somethin' something with the Drew kid featured in Taylor Swift's "Teardrops on my Guitar" during our senior year of high school (the one she wrote the song about, not the one in the music video), but that's as close as I've really ever been to celebrity status ;)

Happy birthday, girls!