Q&A: April

Ahh, April is officially over & it's time for the end of the month Q&A post. Once again, I random.org'ed all the formspring questions & selected ten.

Without a doubt, penne pasta. With alfredo sauce. And bruschetta. And lots and lots of shredded cheese. Oh my word, yum! Chili's makes the best, with Applebee's as a close second. Although this summer, Zach got on this "I want to cook for you" kick & made some... and it was equally as good :)

(Seriously, he made the entire thing himself. I poured the mountain of shredded cheese on top. And I chopped up the cucumbers in the background, simply because I wanted to do something to help & he was very insistent on making it on his own.)

As much as I love the Chapel & Cameron Indoor, my favorite building on Duke's campus has to be the Smith Arts Warehouse (and not just because I spend 95% of my time there!) It used to be a tobacco warehouse that the university bought & transformed into the art studio. I love love love the high ceilings and brick walls and old, rustic wooden floors---so much character.

(drawing studio, where I took ARTSVIS 54 my freshman year)

Oh, for the love of all things Brethren. I suppose my favorites are the ones I remember learning at an early age. I mean, we have a home video of me singing verse & chorus of "When the Roll is Called Up Yonder" from memory at age two and a half, off-key southern twang & all. We also sang that at my baptism when I was seven. Some others I remember singing as a child are "Blessed Assurance" and "Trust and Obey." I also remember particularly liking "O Little Town of Bethlehem," simply because my name was in the title :)

Dearest Amy Farrington, I love you more than all the caramel apple suckers and awful musicals in the world.
(I promise these are anonymous... but sometimes my friends ask not-so-anonymous questions.)

This blog is a judgment-free zone, remember?

Based on the fact that I can quote them line for line from beginning to end, I'd have to say the top three are: Stranger than Fiction, Ice Age, and Step Up.

Could they possibly be any more different from one another? Probably not.

Also high up on my list are: 500 Days of Summer, Stick It, and She's the Man (which I can also quote in its entirety. I should've ranked it higher).

"Wild at Heart" by Gloriana and "Lookin' for a Good Time" by Lady Antebellum. Only if they're cranked up as loud as my speakers go. And only because whenever I listen to them, I pretend that I am absolutely rocking some karaoke joint somewhere. (Judgment-free zone, remember). If I ever have the guts to sing karaoke in public, I'm doing one of those songs. Yes, I'm aware that both of them would sound better if performed as a duet, in which case... if Joe Don Rooney happens to be in the audience and wants to get up on stage & help a girl out, I'd be okay with that ;)

Story: I met my best friend, Kacey, during our freshman year of high school (almost seven years ago, we're so olddd!) Regardless of what she says, we became friends almost right away. However, we became best friends while being partners on a website design project in our freshman computer class. We made our entire website about comics, and although it was probably one of the most hideous websites ever created with numerous scrolling marquees and blinking images and awful fonts, we worked SO hard on that website. I'm serious. We got into it like nothing before and somewhere between "Baby Blues" and "Get Fuzzy," we became absolutely inseparable.

ANYWAY, if you don't know anything about computer coding, the abbreviation "src" stands for source, and it's used whenever there is a picture on a website. I had spent an entire computer class coding a webpage, and all of the text was there, but none of the pictures were showing up. I kept checking for errors & couldn't find any, so I asked Kacey... who pointed out that I had written "scr" instead of "src" ... every single time.

(a horrifically embarrassing picture Kacey made me circa spring 2005)

Nearly seven years later & Kacey still hasn't let that one go. Secretly, she's slightly irritated that it's one of the dumber things I've ever done, whereas I have way many more blonde moments to blackmail her with ;)

Before I answer this, can I please show you just how intent the question asker was on making sure this question was answered in some context?

If your birthday is on the 24th, then you will turn 24 on your golden birthday, dearest Tina Lowe. Although you already knew that. Coincidentally enough, we will have our golden birthdays in the same year (2012), which is what I am most certain you wanted me to point out. I'll turn 23 on the 23rd of October & you'll turn 24 on the 24th of November. Supposedly, the year you have your golden birthday is extra lucky. Fingers crossed for both of us ;)

Hahaha, this question made me laugh so hard! Um, no. Definitely not. Don't worry, he'll tell you the same thing.

I've wondered that for a very, very long time :) Loveee you, Tina!

Hope you've enjoyed this month's Q&A. As long as the questions keep coming, I'll keep doing this at the end of every month, so feel free to ask me anything.

PS: Prayers this week at this semester comes to an end with final critiques & exams would be greatly appreciated!