Staff Training: Week 2

Oh heyy, blog world :)

Needless to say, I've been a little busy the past few weeks with staff training at Camp Bethel. Although the entire staff has been together for just twelve days, I'm amazed at how much everyone has bonded and how God is so evident in the life of our staff body.

Here's a little glimpse at what I've been up to:

Leading songs/skits/campfire/worship for Parent-Child Overnight Camp

Eating ridiculously burnt marshmallow s'mores because I don't have the patience to toast them until they're golden brown.

Soaking my feet in the spring with my fellow SPCs :)

Getting pulled around by fellow staff members & a noodle on a makeshift slip-n-slide

Leaping over sprinklers like the gymnast I am :)

Helping Dwayne monkey-crawl his way up Jacob's Ladder on the high ropes course

Spending time with two of my favorite boys everrr, David & Robby

Building a one-match fire at Home-in-the-Woods

Bonding with the lovely ladies of Unit 2

Lashing a TV at Home-in-the-Woods for the sole purpose of being ridiculous

Adopting Italian "tuh-tles" as pets & naming them "Carlos Pisafordeener"

Hiking Horseshoe Bend in the middle of the afternoon on the hottest day of the week

Chasing Lucy the dog as she ran into the middle of the Blue Ridge Parkway

Rockin' my official USMC skivvy shorts at Black Horse Gap

Tubing on the James River for our 2011 staff trip

Acting a little crazy, as always

Getting the most intense sock tan of my life

Singing lots and lots of "Little John..."
(Giddup, Nell!)

Loving my favoritest bunkmate/roomie for the summer

Staff training ended this morning & (finally) the first day of camp is... TOMORROW! In the meantime, I have LOTS to write about & hope to get caught up on my baby blog, so stay tuned for updates about my family, Zach, snail mail/packages, an incredibly belated end-of-the-month FAQ post, and more :)