Senior Capstone Exhibition, Part I

All semester long, I was part of the senior capstone course for visual arts and visual & media studies (VMS) at Duke. Each student worked on an independent project throughout the course of the semester, and we had our opening reception for our exhibition nearly two weeks ago. (The whole trying-to-finish-with-school-so-I-can-graduate thing prevented me from posting this any sooner.) I'll post "Part II" that documents my project later in the week; I want to include photos from the graduation reception this upcoming Friday. Until then, I wanted to share some of my classmates' projects that I really liked!

We were all required to have some type of online art portfolio as a part of the class, so I've included links with each project if you're interested in viewing more of the artist's work.

• • • • •

"Mapped" by David Mayer

I absolutely LOVED this project; I took a mapping class at Duke and have several pieces in my design portfolio that incorporate maps in some way or another! David took photographs all around Duke/Durham & pieced them together to create a map of the campus & surrounding areas. For the local Durhamites, the leftmost point is the intersection of Towerview & Erwin, Campus Drive is on the bottom, and W. Markham is on the top. The bright yellow semi-circle (also pictured above) is where I live: Southgate Circle! (As you can see, it's next to the Ben & Jerry's and Whole Foods... my poor bank account.)

"Middle Child" by Johnny Williams

Out of everyone in the art department, I think I have taken the most classes with Johnny... mostly because we have the same favorite professor & end up in her class, regardless of what she's teaching :) During the silkscreen printing class that we took during our junior year together, Johnny launched his own t-shirt design company, Middle Child. He's had a ton of success so far; one of his shirts is even sold in The Duck Shop in Durham. For his capstone project, he continued to expand the designs in his collection.

Johnny & I at the Senior Capstone Exhibition Opening Reception

"Notes" by Marquise Eloi

The main portion of Marquise's project was a documentary short about the founder of the Hope for Haiti Foundation, but she also included a series of typographic portraits. I loved them mostly because it was what I was originally going to do for my own project!

"Stories and Sculptures" by Katherine Noel

This project speaks for itself.

Hansel and Gretel:

The Three Billy Goats Gruff:

The Three Little Pigs:

Insane, right?

"Shattered Dreams: A Graphic Novel on Illegal Immigration" by Min Cui

For his project, Min created over 100 6"x9" pages of a graphic novel, and then selected a few of his drawings to print on a larger scale for the exhibition (only a portion is pictured below). His work with a simple Micron pen is absolutely incredible. Be prepared to have your mind blown.

"Memoria de EspaƱa" by Carmen Hernandez
Carmen and I have also had a few classes together during our time at Duke, and I've always loved her work. We make up the infinitely small portion (of Duke's considerably small art department) that focus on graphic design.

• • • • •

If you live in the Durham area & want to see these projects (plus many more...including mine!), the exhibition is open through this Friday, May 11. It's located in Smith Warehouse (114 S. Buchanan) in Bays 11 & 12! :)