Wedding Wednesday

I may not have been raised in a barn...

...but I'm officially getting married in one!

More specifically, WinMock at Kinderton. This gorgeous (and I mean GORGEOUS) historical barn in my hometown was restored & turned into a wedding/events venue just last year. Um, hello... perfect! I spent the majority of my weekends in high school at my best friend's house directly across the road -- how crazy is that? Pictures don't do it justice, but here's a few from their website gallery:

I turned in the contract this week & everything is official: Zach and I will be getting married here on December 30th!
Oh. My. Word :)

In other exciting wedding news:
  • I took my sister to try on her bridesmaid dress yesterday. I mean, I've had it picked out for years. But it's nice to actually see it on. [Corrie would like to add, "I'm just saying: not all eyes are going to be on the bride." Awesome.]
  • One of my closest friends from high school is incredibly talented & has offered to do the wedding photography as a gift. I almost cried when he called me. I still tear up whenever I think about it. Another one of my closest friends from high school studied at the Audio Recording Technology Institute and offered to DJ the wedding. Seriously? I'm so so blessed.
  • Zach & I have two wonderful friends from camp who will be playing acoustic guitar at the wedding. They both mean SO much to us -- they've been there since Day #1 of our relationship -- and I'm thrilled that they will be a part of our special day.
  • Lastly, I have designed our wedding website from scratch & am super stoked to share it... next week ;)

While we're talking about the wedding, I'd like to mention that today is mine & Zach's FOUR year anniversary! Crazy to think that four years have passed since our laundry all-nighter at David's house... and what a four years it has been :)

Our first picture together, taken the week after we started dating
Camp Bethel: Fincastle, Virginia

1 Year Anniversary: Baltimore, Maryland

2 Year Anniversary: Raleigh, North Carolina

3 Year Anniversary: Deployment to Afghanistan

4 Years Together <3

Even though we've never gotten to spend an actual anniversary together thanks to the beloved United States Marine Corps, I still feel incredibly blessed for the past four years & am excited about the fact that this is our last anniversary apart :) I love you, Z, and I can't wait to begin celebrating wedding anniversaries with you!