Design All The Things

As of today, I have officially been employed for one entire month :) (I even have my first paycheck to prove it! Not my first paycheck ever. But my first paycheck that's more than $35/week from a coffeehouse or $110/week from a summer camp...)

And what exactly have I been doing in the past month?

I'm glad you asked.

Basically, I have been getting to

More specifically...

Advertisements to be placed in various magazines throughout North Carolina:

Promotional postcards to be mailed out:
A variety of event flyers for our services offices across the state:
Coupons for our bookstore:
Informational packets for our fall fundraising events:
The summer edition of our magazine (which is longer than this, but there were way too many screenshots involved in creating this picture...):
More flyers and Facebook graphics and business cards and stickers:
Adobe InDesign & I are best friends. All day. Every day.
All in a month's work, my friends. Next month promises lots more event advertisements. And flyers. And a camp-specific magazine (eek!). I'll also be graduating to the world of posters and email blasts and Twitter updates. Woo, look at me go :)