Currently // October

ANTICIPATING my very first ever dress-up date. Yes, you read that correctly. I'm marrying a man who has never once put on dress pants or a tie to go out to dinner in the 4+ years we've been together. Look out, world: we're both 23 now, so we're going to do sophisticated grown-up things. Tomorrow night... it's going down. [It may be the only dress-up date I ever get, so I'll be sure to document accordingly.]

APPRECIATING the flowers that I received at work this week :) My man might not do dress-up dinners, but he's still pretty sweet. I think I'll keep him.

ATTEMPTING to design wedding invitations. LACKING inspiration for said invitations. #artiststruggles

BOOKING the honeymoon, boo-yah. Night one is SET. As for what comes next, I'm open to suggestions... that don't involve spending half a day in airports / on planes.

CELEBRATING my birthday week, of course! My favorite twins ensured that the day itself was fabulous, sandwiched between family parties last weekend and fiancé parties this weekend :)

COUNTING down the days until the Marine Corps ball! 21, in case you were curious.

DRINKING sweet tea like nobody's business. There are five empty gallon jugs ready to be taken out to the recycling bin. #notsorry

HOPING that UNC loses yet again this weekend... c'mon, Pack!

LOVING my seven different fall-scented candles. Yes, seven. I think I'm over-compensating for the fact that this is my first fall in a rather "urban" area... I have to go on extensive treasure hunts for pretty fall trees.

ORGANIZING my entire desk / bookshelves / craft space. I love a good 2AM project.

REALIZING that I could probably never have a job that required a 9AM or earlier start time.

also REALIZING that ^both points above^ are probably correlated...

ROCKING the "all of my hair in a messy bun directly on top of my head" look. Don't hate.

THINKING about how I'm probably going to burst into tears when Zach shows up a month from today and never has to go back to Camp Lejeune again. Cannot even begin to express that emotion.

WATCHING Ellen clips on YouTube. Earlier this week, she gave a job to a recent college grad while on the air. She also went off about "Bic for Her" pens in the funniest rant I've ever heard.

WISHING that I could be in a music video. Not sure why, but that has jumped to the top of the bucket list recently. I just think I'd be fabulous at something like that. Hmm...

and ENDING this post with a Friday Phone Dump :)

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Happy weekend, all :)