Currently // November

ANTICIPATING my wedding shower next weekend in Winston-Salem!

ATTEMPTING to make the world's largest to-do list for the upcoming month. It's about to get crazy up in here. I'll let you in on a secret: there's no need for the "about to get" in that sentence.

CHECKING my mailbox the second I get home from work every day to see how many RSVPs have arrived. My record is 11 envelopes in one day :)

CHEERING my Blue Devils on to yet another victory against a top 5 team. No big deal.

CROSSING my fingers that Zach gets to leave Camp Lejeune once and for all really soon. He was supposed to go on terminal leave this past Monday at noon, but the Marine Corps had other plans. We all knew they'd take advantage of their last chance to drive me crazy...

DECORATING for Christmas, despite the fact that I'll have to take it all down the week before Christmas (It's either that, or leave it all up until we get back from our honeymoon on January 5).

ENROLLING Zach in classes for the spring semester, which also entails SPENDING hours of my life on hold with the advising office, admissions office, etc. I dare you to charge me 4x the amount of tuition because Zach "isn't an in-state student" when he has been stationed here for more than three years.

GOING to World Market on a weekly basis. What did I do before I discovered that store?

LAUGHING every time Zach refers to our future cat. No, we have no immediate plans to get a cat. But she already has a name, and Zach talks about her by name as if she's currently wandering around the apartment. Meow.

LEARNING to say no more. I can't even tell you how many freelance design requests I've turned down in the past couple of months. I like making people happy, and as a result, I tend to take on much more than I can handle... but I'm working on it :) It has removed so much additional stress from my life and allowed me to work on just a few projects that I really want to take on.

LISTENING to our wedding "first dance" song on repeat.. and tearing up every time the bridge rolls around. Are people supposed to cry during their first dance? Probably not, but I can't make any promises.

PURCHASING my own car insurance, because I'm in the process of checking off every possible grown-up "to-do" by the end of the year. I'm just an overachiever like that.

QUESTIONING my thought-process behind having a wedding five days after Christmas, but TRUSTING that everything is going to fall perfectly into place :)

SHOPPING online like it's going out of style. I like having packages waiting for me when I get home from work almost more than I like the RSVPs.

SIPPING on anything peppermint-flavored I can find. Milkshakes, mochas, creamer straight out of the bottle. I'm kidding about the last one. Sort of.