One of the dilemmas of being an artist / designer / crafty person in general is that I rarely ever purchase art. Why? Because as I'm browsing the art & decor sections in various stores, all I can seem to think is, "I could make that. I could paint that. I could design that." And it's true, I could. Why spend perfectly good money on something that I could create myself?

Here's where the dilemma part comes in: how many of those "I could make that" items do I actually take the time to make? Probably less than 5%. I would be much better off just buying the canvas or the print in the first place; it could have been hanging in my semi-artless apartment for the past five months already. Womp.

BUT, I come here today with a success story! :)

Last week, I saw a design for a 16"x20" wall calendar that I absolutely fell in love with... and for once, I actually sat down on Sunday evening and made my own replica.

It's already hanging in my office. Love love love.

I had so much fun going through photos and selecting one to represent each month. Pictures from so many areas of my life: Winston-Salem, Duke, Camp Bethel, and Camp Lejeune... with a couple of engagement photos, a Cary shot, and even a Florida picture thrown in :)

Calendar Giveaway

Since I had so much fun selecting some of my favorite photos to make my calendar, I wanted to give my blog readers the chance to win one as well! (With their own photos, of course. Unless you particularly want a calendar with a photo of my marriage proposal...)

How to enter: In the comments below, let me know what you would like to see more of on this blog :) That's it! Your comment automatically enters you for a chance to win your own calendar, printing + shipping included.

You can leave a comment using your Google (Blogger) / WordPress account, or simply select "Name/URL" from the "Comment as:" box and fill in your name (you can leave the URL blank).

The giveaway is open until Saturday, December 1 at 11:59PM. Winner will be announced Sunday evening.

Good luck!