Sketchbook: December Madness

This is a fairly accurate representation of what my month looks like:

And no, that's not what my wedding dress/hairstyle look like. As if I would draw the real thing...

It would take thirty minutes of scrolling to list everything going on this month, so I condensed the highlights into a sketch. 

Wedding: We're officially in the final 24 days of wedding planning (woo!) so lots of emails with the site coordinator and phone calls with the guitarists and conversations with my mom who is serving as the liaison between me and the caterer/hairstylists (bless her!). Lots of packages showing up at my door (most recently, the garter), as well as lots of RSVPs... almost all yeses! Lots of last minute DIY decor... but all the major things are set, and I'll be married at the end of the day regardless of if I complete 2 or 22 crafty wedding projects between now and the end of the month :) My co-workers threw me a shower last month, and I'm going to Winston this weekend for a shower hosted by my mom's side of the family. I'm sure there will be more on that next week!

Wake Tech: After multiple trips to the Wake Tech campus this week & meetings with admissions, advisors, the VA office, and the registrar... Zach is an enrolled student and will begin taking classes in the criminal justice department a month from tomorrow! (We don't skip a beat around here.) We still have a few more trips to make. Despite the fact that Zach has been stationed in North Carolina for nearly three and a half years, his "home of record" when entering the Marine Corps was Virginia... which means 4x the amount of tuition as an out-of-state student. Because that makes a lot of sense, Wake Tech. They will consider him in-state if he gets his NC license within 30 days of his End of Active Service date... but no sooner (then he'd still be considered out-of-state?). So now we get to add DMV to the list of offices to visit.

Christmas: The first of eight (yes, eight) of my family Christmas gatherings is this weekend as well... and will soon be followed by one the next weekend, one on Christmas Sunday, one on Christmas Eve (plus Zach's family... so I technically get nine Christmas celebrations this year), three on Christmas day, and one a few days after Christmas. Deck the halls, baby. We don't mess around ;)

Marine Corps: Like I mentioned in the last post, Zach has received his DD-214 and is now on terminal leave. The best way I've found to explain this to my non-military friends is that terminal leave is like senior beach week (month): he's done, done, done... but his "graduation" day (End of Active Service) isn't until next month. So yeah, terminal leave is fabulous. But be expecting a huge 4-year Marine Corps recap post next month once everything is official and Zach is a civilian again.

Miscellaneous: As a final parting gift before Zach left Camp Lejeune last week, the Marine Corps removed his wisdom teeth. They're so nice, I know. His "move out of the barracks" celebration dinner consisted of... mashed potatoes. No worries, he's doing well and back to solid foods. Fingers crossed that all remains well, nothing gets infected, and I don't end up walking down the aisle to a chipmunk :) In other news, I'm still loving my job & I'm as busy as ever: getting ready to design the winter issue of our magazine, helping to plan the largest annual autism conference in North Carolina, working on a total website revamp, and doing a lot of design work for a new program we're launching in Charlotte this month.

• • • • •

Wedding planning, school enrolling, civilian transitioning, Christmas celebrating: just your average December ;)

Eh, perhaps slightly less-than-average...