Currently // June

CONVINCING myself that I don't really need this chair or these bar stools... although I think I actually do, right?

CROSSING my fingers that this whole "getting a kitten" thing actually comes through... mostly because we already have a name and it's spectacular.

DABBLING in the world of Twitter. I mean, I sent my first ever tweet over a year ago to Thompson Square (the photo of me and Zach at his deployment homecoming with the "Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not" sign). They favorited AND retweeted it, so I figured anything else I ever tweeted would pale in comparison & haven't really used it much since. However, I recently had fun designing a background for my page, so I'm contemplating using it more than once a month... but I'm not sure. First world problems, clearly.

ENJOYING my new office space.

GEARING up to design my 3rd issue of the Spectrum magazine. Crazy to think I've been a full-time employee for (almost) an entire year!
LOVING my husband. Next week is not only our six month wedding anniversary (woo!), but also our five year dating anniversary, so I'm sure I'll have lots to say about how awesome he is. Until then, just know that he's kinda insanely awesome :)

MISSING summer camp. You can take the girl out of the Blue Ridge Mountains, but you can't take the Blue Ridge Mountains out of the girl.

PLANNING our 10th weekend trip to Winston-Salem since the beginning of March. My sister jokes that our apartment is actually just our vacation home.

REMINDING myself that although I'm fully immersed in grown-up world, I'm only 23. It's easy to forget that fact when I'm the only twenty-something in my entire office.

SPENDING lots of evenings walking and exploring outside with Zach.

STARTING the She Reads Truth study on 2 Peter tomorrow... and really excited about it! (Join along using the YouVersion Bible app on your smart phone).

SWITCHING up the layout and design of this little blog. It's always a work in progress, but I think I've finally settled on this for a while.

WATCHING our cucumber plants bloom and grow... and LOOKING forward to eating the first batch in a few weeks.

Also WATCHING Parenthood on Netflix. Zach and I are hooked! (Hooked on the show, that is. Not hooked on the idea of joining the ranks of parenthood any time soon!)