Weekends around here tend to be all or nothing. I'm not even sure what some sort of "in between" weekend would look like because our weekends rotate between two extremes: we either have zero plans or a million plans. To be honest, I love it. I love driving across the state, spending time with lots of people that I love, sucking the most out of an insanely short 48-hour period. At the same time, I love sleeping in late, not having to look presentable, simply getting to be with my husband. It's a nice balance of all or nothing, and I look forward to both equally.

This past weekend was a "nothing" weekend: lots of sleeping in, a healthy dose of TV (we finally finished our Army Wives marathon just in time for the season finale last night), church, and two evenings spent walking on the Speight Branch Greenway (5 miles total, woo!). Zach and I needed a "nothing" weekend after last weekend's "all" weekend, which included:

1. My Youngest Sister's High School Graduation & Reception

Zach and I gave Corrie a 12"x12" canvas that I designed and had printed. I wish I could say that she has her hand over her mouth in the above photo because she was so touched by our sentimental card, but it's actually a super punny cat card and she laughed so hard that she snorted, hence the hand over the mouth reaction.

2. My Youngest Sister's High School Graduation Party

We had nearly 50 people over to my parents' house for lunch on Saturday to celebrate Corrie's high school graduation. She'll be attending Appalachian State University in the fall, so we decorated accordingly.

3. An Outdoor Wedding in Virginia

Those are the only three photos I took before the lack of cell reception in Snow Creek, Virginia drained my phone battery... which is a bummer, because I finally persuaded my husband-who-hates-to-dance to join me on the dance floor at the reception and we don't have any photographic evidence that it happened. I suppose that means he'll have to dance with me again sometime soon ;)

Not pictured:

4. Graduation Sunday at my Home Church
Yes, after leaving the wedding on Saturday night, we arrived back in Winston-Salem at 1:00AM so we could be at graduation Sunday to watch Corrie get recognized.

5. My Middle Sister's 21st Birthday Party
Katherine's 21st birthday is actually tomorrow, but we had her party a week early since she's currently out in Tennessee volunteering as a camp counselor. We had 20 people over to my parents' house for dinner, presents, and the most intense round of Sorry! in the history of ever. (Spoiler alert: the four year old won.)

•  •  •  •  •

And that is how Zach and I crammed a 400+ mile roadtrip across two states into a weekend packed with graduation, wedding, and birthday festivities. (I think it's interesting to see how my photo taking stamina decreases tremendously as I fall further behind on sleep, whoops!) Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoyed the past couple of "nothing" days following a weekend like that... but we're already looking forward to the millions of weekend plans we have for this summer :)