Home Sweet Apartment

Let it go on the record that I love our apartment.

I've always loved it, but goodness: after photographing this space and going back through all of the pictures to choose my favorites to post, I discovered that I really love it. More so, I love turning this apartment into our home. I love the fact that the amount of time I've lived in this space with my husband is (finally) greater than the amount of time I lived here by myself. I love the memories we've created and the dreams we've dreamt within these walls. I love sharing this place with Zach.

As crazy as it may sound, sharing 700+ square feet is an awfully nice change of pace when you've spent four and a half years separated by hundreds or even thousands of miles.

I moved into this 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment last summer (July 1) with nothing but a bunch of art supplies and a few boxes of clothes; I honestly spent the first four nights sleeping on the floor! It's crazy to see how this place has transformed over the past thirteen months.

The splatter paint canvases above our couch are from our wedding. Right before our rehearsal, my family painted the yellow canvas and Zach's family painted the grey canvas. Together, Zach and I painted the center canvas using both colors. We displayed them during our ceremony in lieu of the more traditional "unity candle." As a visual arts major, I had to come up with some way to incorporate paint and canvases into our wedding... and now we have such a beautiful reminder of our families and our special day showcased in our living room!

Above our TV is a canvas print of one of our engagement photos given to us by my sisters. The painting is by one of my dearest college friends, Laura Sciarrino, and was inspired by one of my favorite photos of me and Zach from the weekend he graduated from Parris Island. I couldn't possibly love it more. Above the patio door is the flag that flew over FOB Geronimo in Afghanistan (where Zach was stationed) on my 22nd birthday, which is probably one of the cooler presents I've ever gotten.

This (pictured above) is my favorite wall in the house, hands down! I designed it to be Zach's man alcove until the day we get a house and can upgrade it to a full-fledged man cave :) Ideally, my desk from Winston-Salem would also go here, but, as mentioned, it's in Winston-Salem. Until we figure out a way to fix that, the man alcove is solely for looks and not for criminal justice homework.

The framed prints, starting in the top left corner and continuing clockwise:
1. Serve US Marines poster (National Museum of the Marine Corps). 2. Freedom of Expression print (Dean Baer / National Museum of the Marine Corps). 3. A photograph I took and printed for my Senior Capstone Project at Duke. 4. Avenue in the Rain print (Childe Hassam / public domain). 5. A photograph of Zach taken during our engagement session (Amanda Castle Photography). 6. A photograph I took and printed for my Senior Capstone Project at Duke

I designed the canvas as a gift for Zach while he was living in the barracks without really thinking that somewhere down the line, it would leave the barracks and end up in our living room. Oops! ;) Nonetheless, I am really happy with how it turned out, even if Boondock Saints isn't quite my style.

Camp Bethel shoutout! The framed drawing was my love gift from Emily Webb in 2007 and the wooden plaque came from Heritage Day. The door on the left goes into our laundry room and the door on the right is the front door.

I've always said that I would never put anything up on my refrigerator (sorry, future kids); I can't stand the cluttered look. But then I started getting Christmas card photos and senior pictures and, well, you can see how well my "nothing on the fridge" rule lasted.

Just checking: it's totally normal to sleep next to a KA-BAR, right?

While the gallery of patriotic prints is my favorite wall in the apartment, this (pictured above) is my favorite space! The flowers are actually from my wedding bouquet (I made it out of fabric), and the yarn-wrapped Z&B and the chalkboard birds with "Jones" written on them were also part of our wedding decor.

I tried to anticipate some of the more popular questions about our apartment and did my best to answer those throughout the post, but I definitely didn't cover everything! Feel free to comment if you have any questions and I'll be sure to respond.

Thanks for letting me share our space with you; I had so much fun :)