Currently // November

BRAGGING on my smarty-smart husband who was the only member of his group to get a 100% on his recent crisis intervention project/presentation. Also bragging on myself, because Zach's teacher said that his group's Powerpoint was the only one completely free of grammatical errors... and guess who proofed that baby?

BRAINSTORMING all the blog posts! I know updates around here have been few and far between lately, but I have a lot of stories and ideas just dying to get out. I've actually made a list of content and outlined a rough schedule for the remainder of 2013, so get ready! I hope to send this blog-year out with a bang :)

CATCHING up on all of the new episodes of our favorite shows that aired while Corrie was in the hospital. Definitely not an easy feat, but hey - somebody's gotta do it.

CREATING all the things! (And apparently referencing Hyperbole and a Half way more than I realized). Seriously, though, I just wrapped up a cute coffee mug DIY that I can't wait to share next month, am almost finished with a huge creative "30 Days of Thankful" project that I will be sharing in a week, and am also attempting to cross "sew a quilt" off of my list of 2013 goals. I love creative bursts of inspiration.

EMBRACING the countless references that will inevitably be made during the next week to the time I was a pilgrim in our church's 1992 Thanksgiving pageant.

LAUGHING at this article that a former teammate shared with me entitled "29 Ways You Know You're An Ex-Gymnast." I really don't think about my past life as a gymnast that much, but I could relate to almost every single one of these, so it's apparently just part of who I am.

LOOKING forward to Thanksgiving and being able to spend time with both my side and Zach's side of the family. (This is our first Thanksgiving as a married couple, ah!) We certainly have a lot for which to be thankful this year!

OBSESSING over this commercial for GoldieBlox, a construction-themed board gamed marketed toward girls. Read more about it in Adweek's article entitled "3 Girls Smash Gender Roles to Smithereens in Toy Company's Glorious Debut Ad." Because who doesn't love smashing gender roles? Also, the contraption collaborator behind OK Go's music videos is the mastermind of the whole set-up, and who doesn't love OK Go's music videos? Worth a click, I promise.

THINKING about doing the #mileaday challenge (running one mile every day between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day.) Let's be real: I probably won't do anything more than think about it since I hate to run and I hate being cold. However, I do love a good challenge...

VOTING for said GoldieBlox commercial in Intuit's contest to pay for a small business ad to air during the Super Bowl. (That's worth $4 million, y'all!) Honestly, I'm all about the small business love, so visit to view all four of the finalists and choose your favorite. I think it's a really cool marketing approach on Intuit's behalf!