I absolutely love the 52 Weeks series on Bleubird, a project where James Kicinski McCoy takes a portrait of each of her four children once a week throughout the year. I love it so much that I wanted to do something similar in 2014, but I obviously have no kids and (much to Zach's relief) didn't think a portrait of my husband once a week throughout the year would be the same ;)

Sooo... I've made up my own four categories to document each week: something I ate, something I wore, something I made, and something I explore(d). (Like my attempt at making that rhyme?) I'll share the photos on here once a week, and 52 weeks from now, I should have a pretty grand collection of snapshots that reflect my life in 2014.

Something I ate: cajun chicken pasta, leftover from date night at Chili's. It's my #1 favorite.
Something I wore: white sweater from Ann Taylor LOFT (and glasses due to a tiny eye infection)
Something I made: cards for my sisters. Katherine is in her final semester of college and begins her first day of student teaching tomorrow, and Corrie just made it home today after an 11-day stay in the hospital.
Something I explored: absolutely nothing, because it is WAY too cold to go exploring. Lazy day snuggles.

1/52 features photos from January 1-January 8. See all posts in the "52 Weeks" series here.