Currently // May

EATING lots of frozen lemonade. Glory hallelujah, summer.

ENJOYING being outside as much as possible. There are so many lakes and trails around our apartment, and Zach and I love getting to explore thanks to longer + warmer days.

GETTING really caught up in series on Netflix that have already ended... like House. Zach and I just finished watching the series, actually, but it's bizarre to become emotionally invested in something that the rest of America was watching ten years ago. I needed to commiserate with people in real time: Will House and Cuddy become a couple? Can you believe Chase did that? Ahh, Thirteen! Kind of weird having all the feels when nobody else cares because they saw it back in the day.

LOOKING so insanely forward to one of my favorite ladies in the world getting married this weekend! I kind of jumped the gun by becoming a bride before ever being a bridesmaid, so I'm rather inexperienced with what's about to go down, but I couldn't be more excited + honored to be a part of Amy & Mav's big day :)

RECEIVING so many snapchats from my sisters who are at home together this summer. And SMILING every time I get to see just how well Corrie is doing after her surgery just a couple of weeks ago.

REMINDING myself that we're still in the month of May. I'm only four days into this new job, but already so immersed in getting July files prepped to go to the printer next week that I literally got upset last night because I thought I had missed something in June. Note to self: it's not July. It's not even June. It's. Only. May.

SAYING things like "management" and "organized" in the same sentence with regard to my new job, which is baffling to me. There are procedure manuals and policy manuals and job position manuals! My computer (which is a Mac, bless it) and email address were set up days before I even arrived! My office was clean! My boss showed up on my first day of work! My mother tells me this is actually quite normal, but I wouldn't know.

SPENDING a great deal of time in the car, but actually not minding it nearly as much as I thought I would. Zach and I will be moving to Winston-Salem this summer, but I'm commuting 80 miles (each way) in the meantime. I thought I'd be dreading it by day two, but it goes by rather quickly. Wanna know something crazy? It only takes me five minutes longer to drive 80 miles from my apartment to my job than my worst evening of driving 14 miles in Raleigh rush-hour traffic.

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WANTING to share this with so many of my friends who have graduated in the past month :)