Great Minds Think Alike

I may have casually mentioned to Zach a week or so ago that it's officially less than 100 days until my 21st birthday. It's not as big of a deal, seeing as how his 21st birthday is in less than a week, but still -- I felt like it was worth mentioning.

Z: I already know one of the things I'm getting you.
Me: So do I.
Z: How do you possibly know what I'm planning on getting you for your birthday?
Me: I just do. I know you.
Z: Fine. What store is it from?
Me: Anthropologie.
Z: Oh, okay then. What is it?
Me: That amaziiinggg perfume in the back of the store that I go in and smell every time we go to Southpoint -- Flowering Willow & Lotus by Lollia.
Z: *silence*

It's true -- I do just know him well enough to know things like that. And I'm banking on the fact that he knows me well enough to get the matching bubble bath as well :)