Wake-Up Call


I awoke early Sunday morning to my phone going off at an incredibly obnoxious volume level. Struggling to find my cell, I managed to pry open my eyes enough to see two things:

  1. I had an incoming call from "zacharieJONES" (It's how all of my contacts are entered. Thank you, Bobby Wilson...)
  2. It was 4:45AM. Yes. 4:45... in the morning!

Upon answering the phone, I was greeted by my overly-enthusiastic boyfriend who sounded like he had been up for hours. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Hello?
Z: Hey, sweet girl!
Me: Zach...what's wrong?!
Z: Last night you said you had a lot of stuff you needed to do before church, and you wanted to get up early...
Me: Yeah. By "early," I meant like, 7:00. Not 4:45 AM!

*According to my phone, the call lasted 13 minutes and 53 seconds, but I'm pretty sure we both fell back asleep at this point and stayed on the line until my phone died.*

I awoke for real a couple of hours later. As I was getting ready, I vaguely remembered my early morning conversation. The more I thought about it, the more I convinced myself it must have been a dream. Yes, in Zach's Marine Corps mind, anything after 6AM is sleeping in, so 4:45 would technically constitute as "early." But still, it was so unlike him...

However, my phone records clearly stated that I received a call at 4:45AM from Zach. As I was driving to church, I called him to ask about it. His response?

"I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. I seriously don't remember any of that!"

Yes, my boyfriend called me in his sleep because he was so concerned about me needing to wake up early. It's actually semi-hysterical, as long as it doesn't become a weekly event.

I love him :)