Birthday Girl

Today... is Amy's 21st birthday! And to celebrate, I figured I'd bring back this blast from the past:

(Hahaha. Taken five years ago at Amy's 16th birthday party. I realize it's horrifically embarrassing, but it needed to make an appearance. I'd probably feel differently if more than just my arm was in the photo...) :)

Amy is the sweetest, most tender-hearted & caring person I know. We've been through a lot together, and no matter what, she's always there for me. I'm so very blessed to have you in my life, Amz. Can't wait until we can finally get together & celebrate -- perhaps even re-enact your 16th birthday photo? Hahaha. So thankful for you, baby girl. Happy birthday... & I love you!

(at Amy's house on her 19th birthday)