State of the Union [2]

I did my first State of the Union post two weeks ago, so I figured it was time for an update. Without further ado:

Beth's Current State of the Union
• chicken alfredo bread bowls from Dominos (so, SO good)
• selling back textbooks online (just made $55 for three books!)
• warm weather (can't it always be in the upper 80s?)
• the beach (going again this weekend with the ladies from church)
• being a junior (I've decided it's pretty much the perfect year: old enough to have the whole college thing figured out, but still not having to mention "GRE" and "grad school applications" in every conversation... at least not yet)

• group projects (yep, still on the list. still hate them)
• the entire hallway strangely smelling like shrimp (help, please?)
• solo road trips (I used to love them; however, they are becoming more and more frequent. No worries. Long distance relationship, you will NOT kick my butt)
• freshmen boys in the dorm hitting on me without realizing I'm the RA (you're right, we haven't met. but no, I'm not going out with you tonight...)
• frizzy, curly hair (I broke down last week & took the bus to West to borrow Laura's straightener. Zach took pity on me this past weekend & got me a new one since my new debit card still has not arrived in Durham. Thank goodness. Goodbye, messy poof of hair)

Is it bad that I had to think pretty hard for the "IN" category, since everything I originally thought up was food-related? Haha. Probably.