"Fun" Day

A few times a year, Zach's unit has these "mandatory fun days." In theory it's great, I suppose. A cookout on the beach, live music, raffles, activities for children -- just an opportunity for everyone to get together outside of work.

However, it's absolutely mandatory.

No, like... absolutely mandatory. I'm talking automated phone call reminders a week in advance, confirmation of receiving said reminder, checking in upon arrival, etc. Leave it to the Marine Corps to turn "fun" into something super serious. I don't know why -- it just makes me laugh.

Anyway, I was originally going to Raleigh tomorrow to celebrate Amy's 21st birthday with the Calvary kids. But since that fell through at the last minute, Zach invited me to come experience mandatory fun day with him. So... I'm waking up at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning to drive to Jacksonville for the day. Should be interesting... :)

We WILL go to mandatory fun day, and we WILL have fun, darn it!