"Fun" Day Fail

- I'm so hungry. There's nothing here for me to eat.
- That's what you get for being a vegetarian in the Marine Corps.

Upon overhearing this conversation yesterday, I felt relieved that I wasn't the only one who noticed the lack of black bean/turkey/veggie burgers at the mandatory fun day cookout. Not that I'm vegetarian -- I just prefer them to regular burgers. Seriously, try them sometime. I promise you'll love them (especially the turkey burger) even if you're not vegetarian. Apart from the carnivore-friendly food selection, the only other significant observation I made pertained to the number of children running around. These people pro-create like it's their job. Don't even get me started...

I feel like I should update on the Beach Bash simply because I wrote about it in my last post, but really... there's not much to say. I drove to Jacksonville, met Zach, and we drove onto LeJeune / went to Onslow Beach early Saturday morning. The ocean was surprisingly not cold, but neither of us brought a bathing suit so we just waded for a while. Overall, it wasn't miserable or anything. Just the fact that it was mandatory sucked the fun out of everything. The boys were originally required to stay until 3:00, but some higher-up's wife was clearly miserable and convinced her husband to let everyone leave at 1:00 so she could go home. Haha, yesss.

Since we got out early, we had enough time to watch... She's The Man. Yep. That totally made up for the lack of fun at mandatory fun day. Added bonus: I can officially quote the entire movie. Hope you're all having a great apple & sandwich...roush :)