Living Without

If you would've asked me a week ago to list the top five things I could not live without, I'm fairly certain my cell phone, debit card, and hair straightener would have made the list.

After this week, I might have to re-evaluate.

My phone has been acting up for quite some time now -- and after a brief visit to the Verizon store, the experts pronounced it dead. RIP, Chocolate Touch #2. (Yes, I'm now on my THIRD Chocolate Touch in less than a year. Don't do it...) The problem, however, is that Verizon doesn't ship to PO boxes, so I went the entire weekend (plus Labor Day) without my poor phone until I could drive to Winston last Tuesday to pick the new one up from my house. Sad times in the life of Beth.

But wait, it gets worse. When I arrived home last Tuesday, mom told me the bank had called and wanted to verify some charges on my debit card. They're rather protective and have done this before -- better safe than sorry, I suppose. Except this time, they actually were fraudulent charges. Awesome. Honestly, I'm beyond impressed that Allegacy picked up on these (there were only two, and one was for $3.43... I mean, seriously?) but of course, it takes 7-14 days for them to send a new card, and when they do send it... they'll send it to my house. In the meantime, I'm debit card-less. Actually, I'm completely money-less, since I'm a member of a local credit union in Winston that doesn't have a branch in Durham where I can get cash. I haven't spent a penny in a week, which may be a blessing in disguise, but it's still a major inconvenience.

And lastly, the hair straightener. Zach & I went to his house this weekend, and upon arriving back at Duke, I discovered that I left my precious hair straightener in Martinsville. Honestly, how could I forget that? Major fail on my part. The next few weekends are booked solid, so I have no idea when I'll be getting it back. Since I can't even begin to describe what my hair looks like when I don't straighten it, I'll just post this picture that I originally sent Zach when he was in boot camp a year and a half ago.

(Now if that's not the most motivating picture to send to someone at boot camp, I don't know what is...)

Cell phone-less. Debit card-less. Hair straightener-less. As distraught as I am over all of this, I suppose I really can't complain if that's as awful as my life gets right now. I mean, I totally could've made it if I was born in the 1800s, right?