State of the Union

Last year, Casey had a resident/close friend who would stop by her room and update her "State of the Union" section on the dry erase board -- essentially, what was "out" and what was "in" her life at the moment. It was always entertaining, and just last week I was thinking how much I was going to miss hearing about her escapades now that she's moved on to bigger & better things (ie: West Campus). However, she stopped by a few days ago for old times' sake & I was beyond excited to find her state of the union posted on Casey's front door. Which got me thinking...

Beth's Current State of the Union
• cuddling in bed with a spoon & jar of Nutella (my Sunday afternoon...)
• making money (Coffeehouse has reopened & I'm taking shifts galore)
• surprise all-male a capella concerts (best. Sunday. night. everrr.)
• documentaries on typography (go ahead & judge me...)
• chalkboards (one in my room + one in the coffeehouse = pure joy)

• spending money (textbooks have officially drained my bank account)
• Spanish 63 (the British kid dropped. AND Kishan. Bad news.)
• group projects (in Spanish AND Chemistry, so far. Hate them)
• broken cell phones (story of my life. I'm getting a new one this week)
• vomit in the bathroom sink (Um, excuse me? Yeah. Not what I want to wake up to on a Friday morning. Or any morning, for that matter. C'mon, dear baby freshmen...)

So, there you have it. My own state of the union, in's & out's of my life at the moment, inspired by the beautiful Ellen :)