Smith Art Warehouse

Helen & I are both riding the struggle bus this week, so we've teamed up to motivate each other. Last night, we effectively spent an hour ordering Chinese food, made a trip to the Coffeehouse, and had another sleepover... so we decided tonight would be much more productive :)

We met at the art studio at 5:30 so I could work for two hours on my typography project and then moved into the drawing/painting studio so Helen could work on her project. I brought my camera along to capture just a slight glimpse of my life at the art warehouse every day.

My typography exhibit on the first floor :)

More typography project exhibits

Graphic Design & Media Lab :)

Creepin' on Laura's drawer in the drawing studio.

Helen's project in progress

There were other people working inside the artslab while we were in there, so I didn't take any pictures of the beautiful design studio where I live every day. No worries. Helen & I are getting our act together. We'll be back. & in the meantime, we're off to the Coffeehouse & getting ready to have another sleepover. We've had enough productivity for one day.