We Gather Together

You know the one childhood story that seems to get told over and over, no matter how ridiculously embarrassing it is?


I was a pilgrim at our church's Thanksgiving pageant when I was three years old. Mind you, I was an incredibly cute pilgrim, and if this photo was the only evidence of my acting/singing debut, all would be well. Unfortunately, however, baby Katherine was sick on the night of the pageant, so mom had to stay home with her. Since she wasn't able to come see me, she dressed me up in my costume & videoed me singing "We Gather Together."

If I had known then that every boyfriend/potential boyfriend would see this video on their first visit to my house, I may have attempted to sing on key (or in a key, for that matter). Sadly, that was not the case. With my intense Southern accent, I proudly sang every word, and let me tell you -- there are some hard phrases in that song! "The wicked oppressing now cease from distressing / Let thy congregation escape tribulation." Um, what? If that wasn't enough, I also was completely unable to stand still as a child, so I rocked back and forth throughout the entire thing... until I came to a word that was really difficult & momentarily froze as I thought really hard. Then it was back to the singing and swaying.

After I finished, mom asked me what I was dressed as, and I proudly replied "a peelgrum" with my country twang. *Sigh*

Of course we sing the song in our church around Thanksgiving every year, and I avoid eye contact with the entire pew, as I know they will begin bobbing back and forth or emphasizing "the wicked opWESSing." It's the one story that gets told constantly, regardless of the time of year. However, it gets told even more than normal around Thanksgiving, and I have no doubts that the video will be shown sometime this week after I go home for break. Greeeaaat... :)

Happy Thanksgiving week!