Book Art

So... I made a book?

This semester, my typography class is actually entitled: "Book Art: Text as Image." So far, we've studied (and studied and studied) everything related to serifs & san serifs, counters, ascenders, descenders, stroke, bowl, finials, kerning, ligatures, etc. -- all of the elements of letterforms and type. We've done multiple design projects using typography -- self-portraits & creating our own fonts. In addition, however, we've also studied books as art. So for our most recent project, we had to not only design a book using our typography skills --- we had to hand-make the book!

Every student chose a haiku, and I did mine on "The Old Silent Pond" by Matsuo Basho.

An old silent pond...
A frog jumps into the pond,
Splash! Silence again.

We initially designed the book using Adobe Illustrator:

I printed out all 16 pages and chopped them down to 5''x5'' when Helen & I went to the art warehouse on Tuesday. But today... the real fun began :)

Using my cutting mat, 24'' ruler, & x-acto knife, I cut two 5.25''x5.25'' squares out of black matte board to use for the cover.

I then cut several pieces of newsprint paper into 5'' strips, and using an accordion fold, I folded the strips into 5'' sections.

I glued the pages that I printed out last week onto the newsprint...

...and then glued the strips of newsprint together.

Lastly, I glued the pieces of black matte board to the newsprint.

Tada! My first book :)
(Sorry, I typically do make my bed...)

Soon after I began, I found myself resenting the girl in my class who chose to make her book only five pages long. But... it actually ended up not being that bad! I have two more book projects due before the end of the semester, so I'm sure I'll be posting them in the upcoming weeks.