Christmas Cards

Oh, Christmas cards. Such bad, bad childhood memories.

Mom has always insisted that my sisters & I sign our own name of each of the 239,895,167 cards we send out every December. I remember Christmas card signing day so vividly as a kid; it was seriously a day-long event. Katherine, Corrie, & I would all sit at the kitchen table, signing & passing, signing and passing. Every year, Katherine would spend the afternoon whining about having the longest name & come up with fifty other name possibilities. She would also complain that my name is technically Elizabeth, yet I only had to write four letters. She & Corrie would argue over who had to write "and" in between their names. Sometimes (this is awful) we would sign a bunch and let them stack up before passing, so as soon as one sister got really excited and thought she was making progress, BAM. It was like laying down a draw-4 card when somebody has Uno :) Typically, the day would end with Corrie crying because Katherine & I would finish before her...or crying because her handwriting wasn't as pretty as ours.

(I'm so serious right now. There were tears on Christmas card signing day.)

And amidst all of the whining, complaining, arguing, and hand cramps, I remember all of us agreeing that when we got married and had kids, we would NEVER make them sign Christmas cards. But of course things change, and as we got older, we realized that meant WE would have to sign everyone's names. No, thank you! I have done my fair share of Christmas card signing, and my children will now one day experience that same joy.

All of that to say -- I will not send out the printed Christmas cards like many people do. Which is a shame, I suppose, because I could design some really awesome ones. I still intend on designing my own Christmas cards one day. They will just be normal cards, though, and my children will sign each and every one of them :)

On a slightly-related-but-not-really note, I was going through some old pictures the other day & found this terrible-quality photo taken last December.

A little bit of the quick selection tool, color adjustment, lens correction, and a few clipping masks later, I whipped out this little pretty. (I changed my shirt & added the scarf just for fun.)

It's amazing the things I do to keep myself awake in chem lecture.

And no worries. My sisters and I signed all of the Christmas cards over Thanksgiving break, and it was relatively painless. It's a lot easier to sign your name when you're 21 as opposed to when you're 7, obviously. Plus, mom has significantly cut down the number of cards we send out throughout the years. I knocked them all out in an hour. (It took Katherine much longer, since she also got stuck with the "and" this year). The best part? Knowing that next year will probably be the last time I have to endure Christmas card signing day with my sisters. *sniff* Beffie is growing up.