With grandpa still being in the hospital, I've been spending a lot more time with these two pretty girls lately:

It's been good for multiple reasons:

a. Reminiscing -- While dad & his brother have been recalling the numerous stupid things they did as little boys (many of which grandma is just now finding out about...), we've had some good laughs from the past as well. Granted, we didn't wreck our motorcycles & try to hide it. We did much more practical things, like tie our Barbies to the ceiling fan, turn it on high, hide behind a pile of pillows (to avoid getting pelted by flying dolls), and see which Barbie stayed on the longest. Good times, good times :)

b. Schoolwork -- Corrie & I did her math homework all day yesterday in the ICU waiting room. I thoroughly enjoyed it, simply because going to Duke & being surrounded by so many geniuses makes me feel incredibly inferior, and it was nice to feel intelligent again. Corrie enjoyed it as well, clearly, since I basically did all of it for her.

c. Calendar Pictures -- Since 1995 (the year Corrie was born), we've made a calendar each year for our grandparents with pictures of the three of us. As we've gotten older, we seem to have less pictures together and always end up having a massive photo shoot with multiple outfit changes in December. Since we've been seeing a lot more of each other recently, I'm thinking we'll have plenty to choose from this year. This precious gem, however, will NOT be making its way into the 2011 calendar.

("Double chin, everyone!" - Katherine, right as the picture was taken)

So thankful for my sissies & the joy they bring to my life, especially during the past week and a half.

Speaking of which, today is Day 10 for grandpa in the trauma ICU. He had a tracheotomy this morning (even though he's been breathing on his own since the accident. It's just a precautionary measure) & they got rid of the breathing tube. Yesterday afternoon, he started to open his eyes for 10-15 minutes at a time. He's obviously still really out of it, and probably won't be able to talk for another month or so because the brain injuries were so severe, but fingers crossed that he'll be able to get out of ICU and into a normal room within the next week! He's made such incredible progress, and my entire family is SO grateful for the continued prayers and support of our extended family and friends.

God is so good :)