Confession: I have intense, absurd food cravings ALL the time.

Exhibit A: A bowl of thousand island dressing topped with a mountain of finely shredded cheese. Abnormal? Yes. Gross? Potentially. But this past summer, it's all I wanted. I literally ate it every day for weeks straight. Occasionally, I mixed in some tuna to liven things up a bit.

Exhibit B: Scrambled eggs completely covered in chili powder. This is probably my most common random food craving. It happens sporadically throughout the year, but it's never something I could eat on consecutive days. Just a one-and-done kind of thing, then I'm good for the next six months.

Exhibit C: A plain hotdog straight out of the refrigerator. No bun. No microwave. Just a cold, wet hotdog. Sometimes, I'll douse the entire thing with mustard. *sigh* Judge me, I dare you.

(Kacey is currently seconds away from telling me how awful all of this is. Oh, the joys of having a food/nutrition major for a best friend...)

Granted, I don't actually have random food cravings ALL the time, but when I do have them, they are incredibly intense. As in, "I. MUST. EAT. THIS. NOW!" Appropriately enough, it's how Zach & I first started talking two and a half years ago (over a much less random food -- Skittles!) :)

On Saturday, I drove to Winston to visit my grandpa in the hospital, and while cruising down I-40, it hit me. I wanted, no... I needed a "liquid s'more." That's not the actual name, I suppose, but it's how I refer to it. Sheetz has a mocha with a shot of toasted marshmallow flavoring. I'll admit, I was a little skeptical the first time I tried one back in August. But oh my goodness. It's everything good and perfect in the world -- late night campfires & heart-to-hearts & the crisp, cool air & the strumming of acoustic guitars -- condensed into 20 oz. of pure liquid bliss. I'm not kidding. Camp Bethel loves, go to Sheetz right now & try one. Frozen, iced, hot -- it doesn't matter. I promise you'll think you've been magically transported to River Runs Through It.

Unfortunately, it was snowing pretty heavily as I was making the drive, so I decided to not stop at Sheetz & just focus on getting to Winston in one piece. However, once I have a craving, it will not go away on its own. I needed a liquid s'more.

Fast forward 30-some hours to Sunday night. As we left the hospital, mom asked where we wanted to go for supper. I instantly voted Sheetz, and to my amazement, was not vetoed! But what do you know... the Sheetz in Winston was completely out of the toasted marshmallow flavor syrup. I know, I know... my life is so hard.

I decided I would get one on my way back to Duke on Monday morning, but guess what? President Obama had every state trooper within 300 miles blocking traffic on I-40 so he could come give his speech, making it nearly impossible to get out of Winston. If I hadn't already skipped so many classes this semester, I could've justified missing my Monday class for the toasted marshmallow mocha, but alas... I've skipped way too many classes & only have a week left before the year's over, so after finally escaping from Forsyth County, I drove straight through Mebane to get to class on time. Sad face.

No worries. The second class was over, I drove fifteen minutes out of my way to the Sheetz in Durham & satisfied my craving for liquid s'more :)

I'm slightly concerned about what I might possibly crave when I'm pregnant...