Digital Imaging

I spent all weekend working on my digital imaging portfolio that's due this week and...

it's finally done!
(way earlier than expected, too)

Below are some screenshots of the Illustrator files:

a. the introduction / index

b. Logo design for a NGO using the Gestalt theory/principle
(Basically, the abbreviated name of the organization is ECO, with the tagline of "one people. one nature. one world." When turned vertically & read from top to bottom, you can see "ECO." When turned horizontally & read from left to right, you see the silhouette of a face, a tree, and a city, representative of "one people. one nature. one world." Kinda proud of this one...

c. CD Album cover for a band with three colorblind members
(I'm not kidding - that was the assignment. Who comes up with these things...?)
And that's my wonderful friend, David. I used some of the pictures we took together at Susan & Patrick's wedding last summer.

d. Informational poster concerning the BP oil spill in the Gulf
Hahaha. I like this one too :)

e. Eigenface project
We took pictures of everyone in our class and used five of those images to create an "average" face. It's part me... part a bunch of Asians... and part black male.

There were obviously a lot more projects, but those were some of the more fun/creative ones :)

Cannot wait to turn this in & be doneee with one class. Two more typography projects, a chemistry exam, a final critique, and a WEDDING (yay, Amanda & Bobby!) until Christmas break :)