Back in the Day

Wanna see something adorable?

This is my current cell phone background, simply because it's impossible for me to look at it and not smile. Who exactly is the precious boy?

It's Zach :)

He was a lion for Halloween when he was six years old. Definitely one of my favorite childhood pictures of him...absolutely melts my heart. Like seriously, I look at it ALL the time. Also, I just wanna point out that his grandma made the entire costume. Legit.

I'm so excited to finally see him on Saturday. With our work/school schedules, we can only see each other on select weekends, but between him going home for Veterans Day / Thanksgiving & having duty, and me having training in VA for the Pilgrimage team & being in the hospital with my grandpa, we haven't had a date since Domo Sushi over a month ago. And what a month it has been! Thank goodness tomorrow is the last day of classes; Saturday can't come quickly enough :)

But really, though. Isn't that the cutest picture you've ever seen?