$0.99 Songs

*EDIT* The links to the songs actually work now. I'm just awesome like that :)

I'm a fan of the indie singer/songwriter songs that nobody has ever heard of... you know, the ones that still cost $0.99 on iTunes as opposed to $1.29.

If you have heard of all three of these groups, then we should probably be best friends.

And if you haven't heard of them, I'd like to change that. The first one is my current "crank up the volume, dance around the room, and sing into a hairbrush" song. I'm not kidding. (You have to get about 50 seconds into it, though). The second is my "I wish my guitars skills consisted of more than "strum. strum. really-long-pause-while-I-change-chords. strum. strum" song. And the third is my "why did I quit piano when I was ten years old" song.

Don't blame me if you soon find yourself on iTunes adding these to your music collection. At least they only cost $0.99, right? :)