Well, Daddy has officially released the "if your summer internship applications aren't done by Saturday, then I'm driving to Durham on Sunday" mandate. I'm not exactly sure what would happen if he drove to Durham, but I really don't want to find out. Mind you, everything I'm applying for has a deadline of March 1, so I thought setting a personal deadline of February 5 was sufficient. Clearly not.

Therefore, I'm spending all day finishing my resume & portfolio... but everything else seems so much more appealing at the moment. I mean everything. I cleaned my room. I took out the trash. I made my bed. AND...

I did a little craft project :)

I bought a poster & a frame to go over my couch almost five months ago. However, Zach was playing with my hammer one weekend and the head popped off & flew across the room. (Yes, it hit me in the thigh. And yes, I still bring it up. I find myself able to win every argument with "remember that time you hit me with the hammer...?") :) Even when my hammer was fully functioning, I could only get nails into the wall about 20% of the time, so my poor framed poster has just been sitting in my closet and the space over my couch has been empty.

But not anymore! So exciting. And also incredibly easy. I just eyeballed the letters, but if that's not your style, you could type a letter per page on a word document in a font of your choice, print them all off, and cut it out over a sheet of scrapbook paper. Then just string them all together & hang it up. Mmm, I love me some Beatles :)

BUT, back to the internship applications. I really have spent a lot of time on them, and I am almost done, promise. After a few hours, however, I gave myself another break for my daily trip to the post office.

And look what was waiting for me!

Haha, blurred address. Sorry. You may not creep on my sweet Lauren.

However, feel free to creep on me. I was serious about the DAILY trips to the post office. It's my favorite thing ever.

In her letter, Lauren told me that she reads my blog :) It's so fun to find out who actually reads this thing, because I only know of about ten people. BUT, I just discovered the stats section recently, and I've apparently gotten over 1600 hits this month. What in the world? I also have followers. I don't know what that means, nor do I feel like anything about my life is exciting enough to even merit followers, but I have them. Awesome.

In addition to totally brightening up my day with her sweet letter, she also gave me a legitimate reason to take another break from internship applications and write her back! You're the best, llama.

Lastly, can we please just make note of my coffee cup? The "Pura Vida" coffee sleeve makes me think of Costa Rica, obviously. I keep catching myself reminiscing about our senior class trip, which is doing absolutely nothing for my resume writing. Solution? Remove the coffee sleeve. Brilliant, I know. However, when I took it off, I saw this little quote printed on the cup:

"Highly caffeinated people do more good."

Hahaha. Oh, my. I just lost all hope of being productive today.