Better Life, Part 1

Oh my goodness, look at that title :) Yep, there's gonna be two blog posts in one day! I think it makes Wednesday that much more bearable.

One of the not-so-great part about long distance relationships is trying to make things better from so far away. Yesterday, Zach was having a really "adsfjkl;asdfjkl;" kind of day at work, you know... the kind where you just want to curl up in a ball and cry. I'm not actually sure if Zach wanted to curl up in a ball and cry, but I most definitely would have. It was nothing a giant hug couldn't solve, but since my go-go-gadget arms can't stretch hundreds of miles and hug my sweet boyfriend, I had to be a little more creative with my approach.

Fortunately, creative is my middle name.

(That's a lie. Ann is my middle name.)

So, using my ALL-TIME favorite music video as inspiration, I made a video to send to Zach and make his day a bit more cheerful/a bit less "curl up in a ball and cry". Here's the original video:

Ahh. I could probably do an entirely separate post about all the things I love about this video, but for now, I'll simply direct your attention to the 3:05 mark. A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.

As far as the video I made? Ha---that's what the second post is for! Check back later today to see my first ever stop time video.

However, if patience is not your middle name (it's clearly not mine...), write a little comment on Zach's wall telling him how awesome he is and I will send you the link in an inbox message. If you're not Facebook friends with Zach, you probably should be, because he's my favorite person ever and I'm willing to bet he'll soon become one of yours, too.

Yay :) Check back later today to see my Better Life-inspired video message... or send a little love Zach's way & get the link early. A win-win for everyone! Happy Wednesday :)