Roll Tide

"OH MY GOODNESS---you changed your blog layout!"

Yeah, I did. I had way too much going on & it was taking forever for the page to load. And since I'm a graphic designer who knows HTML code, it'll probably change another three billion times in the future. What else was I supposed to do on my day off? :)

Actually, I did quite a lot on my day off.

One of my newest favorite commercials is the ESPN Alabama Roll Tide commercial. I'm not an Alabama fan or anything (Zach's grandpa graduated from Auburn & all of them are Tiger fans; I don't think I'd be allowed to like Alabama even if I wanted to...), but the commercial is just so catchy.

I now find myself saying, "Roll Tide" in response to all sorts of things---the end of emails & phone conversations, after saying "Amen" while praying... you get the idea. Appropriately so, my first project on my day off was a "Roll Tide" t-shirt. I'm super excited with how it turned out.

(I'm also not into brushing my hair at the moment, so perhaps I'll take a picture of me wearing it tomorrow.)

This afternoon, I decided to tackle one of my resolutions for 2011---organizing my closet! It was kind of a mess to begin with last semester, then I came back from Christmas break and everything ended up piled on the floor. However, after much hard work, I finally have a walk-in closet again! Here are some before-and-after pics---no judging allowed :)

My t-shirt drawer---I actually folded everything for once :)

So pretty. Don't worry---half of my wardrobe was in the washer while I took pics, and this is only a quarter of the closet space I have.

While I was crossing things off my resolutions' list, I decided to spend the evening writing cards/letters to mail out in the morning. I've made my own cards/stationary for as long as I can remember, but some of the ones I made tonight instantly became my favorites (you know it's good when you don't want to actually mail them...). However, I don't wanna post pictures of them, since many of the recipients also read my blog. SO... I'll put those pictures up later this week after everyone gets their letters & instead, I'll post some pictures of some of the old cards I've made throughout the past couple of years.

for Corrie, my grandparents, and mom-o after our summer vacation

for the Jones girls & Hannah Guisewite

(boo cell phone/photobooth quality, but these were both so much fun)
for Zach's roommate, Howard, before being stationed in Bahrain for two years & Robby's first day of college

Random funny note: I saw Amanda on Sunday & she thanked me for the door decorations on their apartment. I jokingly asked how she knew it was me, and she replied, "Well, if the cuteness & craftiness wasn't enough, the camo duct tape on the back was a dead give-away." Hahaha, fail. I had to tape little dowel rods to the back of each piece of paper, because even though I used thick cardstock, it was curling. The only thick tape I have is camo... but only because I couldn't find any camo scrapbook paper for Howard's going-away card last year.

While I'm checking off my resolutions, we had our Coffeehouse meeting on Sunday and... I got a good shift! Yeahh, seniority---I had 5th pick, and next semester I'll have 2nd. No more 10-2AM for this little girl; I've got Thursdays 6-10 :)

Tada---look at me being somewhat productive and organized on my day off! Tomorrow is a full day of classes (groan), so I guess all that's left to say is... roll tide :)