Chalkboard Love

It's door dec time! I haven't actually made door decs this semester for my residents (yet) but I did go ahead and make one yesterday for Amanda & Bobby's apartment on the 1st floor since they're marriiied & just got back from Ireland this week! Bobby's officially moved in and I couldn't be more excited to have "the Rackley's" as part of my life in Southgate :)

In other room decorating news, I have a wall between my two walk-in closets painted with black chalkboard paint where friends leave me pictures and notes all the time. After a few months, it gets pretty full, so I normally erase it at the beginning of each semester. Since yesterday was the first day of classes, I wiped it clean, but here's a look at some of the masterpieces created throughout the past year & a half:

Helen came over after class yesterday for dinner (we ordered Cinelli's -- yum!) and to hang out. I told her that instead of leaving the chalkboard wall totally blank, I wanted to sketch a tree on it. Then when friends stop by, they can trace their hands & sign their name, so by the end of the semester, my naked little winter tree will be in full bloom :)

No lie---thirty seconds later, Helen cranked up the music & began sketching away. I love having artistic friends :) She left her handprint, as did two of my residents who stopped by last night. It looks awesome!

I'm off to pick up Laura for our weekly Starbucks date---I'm so glad we have later classes this semester so we can bump the time from 7:45am to 9:15am! Then I have art history with Helen, a lunch date with Arune & Casey, a marketing class... and then it's the weekend! I'm also working a four hour shift at the Coffeehouse tonight. Today is gonna be a really good day :)