The Little Things

I absolutely love that quote. My life is full of little things :) Here are just some of the few little things in my life from this week:

This is my current favorite YouTube video. I'm responsible for roughly 17% of the total views, and I'm okay with that. It's just random... and absolutely hysterical, especially the more times I watch it. I can't make it fifteen seconds into the video before I'm laughing. And once I start, I can't stop.

I'm aware that it takes a unique person to appreciate the humor of Marcel the Shell, but I've found a fellow fan. And judging by the fact that I logged into Facebook today to see this:

...I think it's safe to say that Katie received her surprise mail from me today :)

Hahahaha! The other one is for Zach. (He also appreciates Marcel; there's a reason why we date). However, he won't receive his for another month---it takes forever for his battalion to get mail! Seriously. My letters will reach him quicker once he's in Afghanistan than they do while he's still stationed two and a half hours away. Oh, well. It's the little things, right? :)

I bought a new sketchbook, which is already starting to fill up. Most of the pages are actual sketches or notes I take in class, but it's been the perfect solution for my planning/organization obsession as well. I'm pretty convinced that brand new sketchbooks make the world go round.

Laura and I get Starbucks every Thursday morning, which has quickly become one of my favorite little things :) My newest favorite little thing, however, is the Starbucks peppermint brownie. Oh my goodness, best thing ever. I also wanna point out that I actually did share like the bag commanded, although I could've easily devoured the entire thing on my own.

Kacey came from Raleigh to Duke last night & we spent hours at the coffeehouse doing what friends do best: looking up pictures of pandas on, obviously. Hahaha. These were some of our favorites:

Too bad we left your new panda drawing on Sarah's paper at the Coffeehouse, eh Kace? However, this cutie is the most recent addition to my MacMac:

While I somehow doubt that I'll look back one day and think that the following little thing was actually a big thing, it was still really cool this week when I opened my Hersheys cookies & creme bar and a piece broke off in the shape of Virginia. As if I don't think about all my Virginia friends enough already... :)

Megan is BACK from spending last semester studying abroad in Australia, and guess what she brought me?? Timtams!

I don't really know how to describe Timtams other than "om nom nommy," especially when dipped in peanut butter. Since they're from Australia, the nutrition information is in kJ instead of calories, so I'm taking the ignorance is bliss approach and assuming they're not that bad for me, right?

As far as Grandpa goes, it's been eight weeks today since his accident. Physically, he's making great progress every day --- he beasted out 27 pounds with his LEFT arm this week, and took his first steps (18 feet) with the help of a physical therapist and walker. He's also eating three meals a day on his own, and they're only feeding him through the stomach pump once a day just to make sure he's getting all the nutrients he needs. Mentally, he's not progressing as quickly, but the therapists have reassured us that since he's making such great physical progress, they know his brain is active & working, and they're confident the mental recovery will happen within time.

With that being said, Grandpa gets really agitated at night when my Grandma leaves the Sticht Center because he doesn't understand why he can't go home too. Obviously he can't make a dash for the elevators in the middle of the night and run away, but the doctors were concerned with him trying to get out of bed and injuring himself. They started placing a giant screened-in tent over his bed at night that zips from the outside, so he can still see out, but he can't get out of bed while unsupervised. My family was really concerned that this would make him more frustrated, but to their surprise, he was quite pleasant after his first night in the tent. Why? Because according to him, he didn't spend the night in the room. He spent the night at McDonalds.

It took us a while to piece everything together, but we soon realized that Grandpa thinks he's sleeping inside a McDonald's PlayPlace :) It's kind of the most adorable thing I've ever heard.

(one of my all-time favorite XKCD comics)

And like I said, the doctors say everything will return back to some form of normal overtime---brain trauma patients can keep improving for the first year after their accident, and we're not even at the two month mark yet. In the meantime, I'm okay with the fact that Grandpa thinks he's sleeping in the playplace. However, I'm not okay with the fact that he said he didn't like Duke. That is false, Grandpa. You like Duke. Hmph.

Although he's currently insisting I should go to University of South Carolina (really?), the speech therapist did ask him if he could name any of his five grandchildren and he wrote "Beth" and "Corrie" on a piece of paper. He wrote some other random letters, but they did not spell out "Katherine," "Reese," or "Sophia." We all see who's the favorite :)

Lastly, Zach's unit has been doing a deployment-simulation type thing all this week & next week (because pre-deployment training in Virginia in February and California in March and April isn't sufficient?), meaning he's living in the armory, working a 16+ hour shift, getting a 2 hour nap/shower break, and staying up all night working again. Today he got to ride around in a 7-ton. Do not be deceived by his lack of enthusiasm. This was his "I-don't-want-the-other-guy-in-the-truck-to-know-that-I'm-taking-a-picture-of-myself-to-send-to-my-girlfriend-so-I'm-not-going-to-smile-or-look-at-the-camera" pose :)

Adorable. Since his schedule has been so insane, I've only talked to him once this week. On Wednesday, he worked from 2AM to 6PM and then got a short break. He knew I was busy until 7, so he waited patiently and called right on the dot. We only talked for a few minutes; I could tell he was exhausted, so I told him to get some sleep while he could. After we hung up, everything dawned on me and I texted him, "Wait. Have you been purposefully staying awake for the past hour since you got off just so you could talk to me?" His response? "Yes ma'am."

Sometimes, the little things really are the big things :)