We've Got a Little Convoy...

Haha, the convoy song! Randy used to sing it all the time in high school. Little did I know that I would end up dating a guy who would be the convoy assistant driver on seven ton runs for the armory, meaning that he assists with things like backing and makes sure everyone stays in the convoy.

It also means that he sits up front in the passenger seat.

Fortunately, he was not in this passenger seat last night when the 7-ton flipped. (He was two trucks ahead). I see these things all the time on the highways around Jacksonville, and they absolutely terrify me. Even when there's like, four empty lanes, I would still almost rather stay behind them and go fifteen miles an hour (convoys are SO slow) than pass them. They are bigger than me, there are way more of them than me, and they could eat my car if they so wanted.

Apparently, some individual last night was infinitely braver (stupider) than I am and decided to pull out directly in front of one of the trucks...while there was ice on the road, mind you. The driver of the 7-ton swerved to avoid the car and ended up flipping. Thankfully, minus a few scrapes from the shattered glass, no one was severely injured. I also got a 90 second phone call out of the deal, and while I hate the conversations that start out with "I'm okay, but I just wanted you to know...," it was still nice to hear Zach's voice.

Please say a little prayer for safety during the rest of this 10-day field operation; they're halfway through :)