My Oh-So-Exciting Life

First and foremost, I would like to publish this statement received from the ever lovely Tina Lowe in response to this post earlier this week:
"BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA =) caught in the act! I'm so sorry i lied! But I would do it all over again if it warranted another doodle of me created by you! =) hahahahaha =) i love you SO much and i promise to never like comments that are harassing you!!"
Hahaha. There you have it, folks. She's potentially my favorite Asian ever [and I know a lot---insert Duke joke here].

However, I've received other comments from individuals claiming that they have never made such promises to begin with & expect blog updates every day.

What on earth is interesting enough about my life to update every day?

I share a bathroom with 23 girls and a single oven that only operates in degrees Celsius with 150 people. I break out in hives all over my body and proceed to itch for thirty minutes every time I step outside (I promise it's the last time I'm a whiner-complainer about my brand-new allergy to the cold, but really? It's so inconvenient. I thought it was funny when my mom got it around age 30. Guess who's not laughing now...?) After breaking my three week coffee hiatus on Monday, I chugged 20oz of Starbucks in under ten seconds---I'm pretty proud of that one. (My parents don't own a coffee maker & I refused to spend my own money on coffee everyday over break when I can buy it with food points at school, which is totally not real money at all, right?)

And some days... that's about as exciting as my life gets.

Sooo, for those less-than-exciting days that consist of waking up, going to class, doing projects & papers, and going to bed (which will probably happen way more frequently, since classes start today), I'm creating a stockpile of blog topics decided by... YOU. Just click here, or here, OR even here (it's really all the same link, but I'm thinking that posting it three times will ensure that someone is bound to click on it...) and submit your ideas. Who knows? Perhaps I'll choose yours to post about on my next non-eventful day.

So. Much. Text. Not. Enough. Pictures.

(That's better. That's where I want to go during my not-so-thrilling days. I don't actually know what it is or where it is, but it sure does beat going to class today.)

I'll leave you with... my current state of the union. I haven't done one of these in forever, & what better way to kick off the semester?

Beth's Current State of the Union:
  • Kanki---haha! We had our regular RA staff dinner there last night, and while Casey complains that it's the 82nd time we've gone, I'll take enough free teriyaki chicken, steak, fried rice, & veggies to last me for three days anytime.
  • Camp Bethel this weekend! We have an overnight planning session for the Pilgrimage retreat that I'm a part of, which means I'm super busy all week with prep, but I can't wait to go to camp.
  • Oh my goodness, I've never been more serious about anything before in my life. It's one of those artsy user-uploaded image sites, similar to, but it's SO much better. Create an account & add the little "Pin It" link to your bookmarks. And then when you're on ANY website, you click on the Pin It bookmark and it saves the image to your account. You can categorize them in folders and the way the display is set up is just so neat & organized. So, so addicting. And so practical! I used to have folders on my desktop that I would drag images to when I came across them, but if you "pin it" to your page, it saves the link so you can click on the image and it takes you back to the site. I'm getting so excited talking about this right now that I know I'm not making any sense, but do iiiiit. Think of all the practical categories you could have: "outfits/clothes wishlist," "my dream room/home," or even "wedding." (Not gonna lie---I thought about doing a whole blog post on pinterest & showing mine, but one of my folders is wedding & I'm not about to reveal years of planning). Then you're on Anthropologie's site one day and think, "wow, that bedding is super cute!" and then you PIN IT. You can even write little notes when you pin it, like how much it costs and everything. I'm done. I promise. But go there. And make an account. Everyone should have one. I'll even make it easy, look: click me! PERFECT for planning and organizing---two things of which I am a big fan. Sorry. I'm done.
  • Soy milk, but only because the giant box of 12 cartons I bought at Costco went bad. The expiration date on that stuff was JULY 2011. Someone explain this, please.
  • Eh, this whole "kind-of-snow-but-actually-just-gross-ice" thing we've got going on. Not a fan.
  • The fact that Megan is finally back at Duke after spending the semester studying in Australia and I STILL HAVEN'T SEEN HER. Fail. Epic fail.
I guess that about sums it up. Click here to give me some inspiration, and click here if you want to be cool like me. Ha! May your day be more eventful than mine. If not, at least your oven is in degrees Fahrenheit?