Wanna Fall in Love?

Not with me, silly. I'm already taken.

I'm talking about falling in love with the Coffeehouse. Yep, the Duke Coffeehouse. It's undoubtedly the best kept secret on campus. Seriously. Ask anyone who goes to Duke about the Coffeehouse, and they'll tell you that they've heard of it... and that's all. Few people actually know where it is or have ever been. Rightfully so, seeing as it's located on the second floor of a sketch building at the edge of campus with entrance only from outside fire escape stairs.

Hooked yet?

The Coffeehouse attracts an incredibly hipster population---a mix of some students and a lot of outside Durham-ites. Truthfully, I don't fit in at all, and had I ever gone to the Coffeehouse before I started working there, I probably wouldn't have taken the job. But I couldn't love it more. I love experiencing a culture I otherwise would have never been exposed to, and I love meeting such unique individuals that the majority of Duke students don't even know exist. And while I still don't own a vintage, fixed-gear bicycle or thrift store record player, nor do I wear thick, wire-rimmed glasses or a plethora of bizarre jewelry dominated by owls and skulls, I simply love working at the Coffeehouse.

It's not like any other coffeeshop you've ever been to, trust me. The entire place is totally student-run, and it's open from 6pm-2am. During weekend shifts, we clear out all the furniture and have shows by indie bands of which you've never heard :) There are crazy random murals all over the walls. Nobody comes to the Coffeehouse and gets something "to go"; we make our teas and lattes and chais in actual coffee mugs. People come and stay for hours---it's part of the whole Coffeehouse experience.

Last night was my first night back at the Coffeehouse since break, and I couldn't be more excited to introduce you to one of my favorite places on earth:

It's like our own little "Central Perk."
(+5 bonus points for understanding the Friends reference)

view from the stage -- note the bizarre artwork.

view from behind the counter---lots of floor space when we clear out the furniture for shows.

the bar.

two things: 1. the heart-shaped tea strainers dangling above the sink, & 2. the "absolutely no makeouts" sign. Asher wrote it on the same night I posted this. Hahaha.

the menu.

Why yes, I did write the entire thing. You probably already realized that :)

jars of munchies.

tea shelf. (I did not write these labels, obviously...)

blue devilsss :)

So much fun. I have an endless collection of Photobooth pictures taken throughout the years at the Coffeehouse with my friends who come to see me whenever I'm working.

Laura (& more bizarre murals)

Laura behind the counter. I made her an honorary employee for the day.

Sydney, Laura, & I spooning on the Lovesac.
ps. I want one of these things SO badly, in case anyone has $1000 they're dying to blow.

Helen & Sydney... and the tower of dinosaurs Helen built on top of the register

Helen & Sydney again :) Helen used to draw me pictures in exchange for free lattes.

Hahaha, a screenshot from a movie Megan, Alison, Nina, & I took freshman year. We cranked up the Beatles & did some interpretive dancing on stage (it was a slow work night...) This one was "All You Need Is Love," obviously.

Aw, good times, good times. Everyone should have a Coffeehouse experience at least once in their life. We meet on Sunday to determine our regular shifts for the rest of the semester, so once I know what day I'm working, you'll have to come visit.

And now, I'm off to one of my other favorite places in the world---Camp Bethel! Which means... no updates for a day or two, but hopefully I'll have epic stories to tell next week :)