Fincastle Bound

I'm on my way to camp for the weekend...

...which means no blog updates until Monday :) However, I already have Monday's post planned, and I can assure you it's worth waiting a few days. Promise promise promise.

In the meantime, if you're gonna keep checking back throughout the weekend to see if I just happen to post anything before Monday (I won't), I suggest you check out GraceAnna Castleberry's blog. GraceAnna is four years older than me & was on the Campus Crusade staff during my freshman year at Duke. She's currently doing a little "to be continued" series telling the story of how she met & began dating her now husband. I'll go ahead & warn you: you WILL get hooked. She's already five posts into the thing, and I'm completely enthralled. Be enthralled with me; it's fun :)

Well, loves, I'm off to Virginia --- happy weekend!