Peer Pressure

Oh man, I've been tagged.I suppose that makes me an official blogger now? I'm not sure how I feel about that; I've spent the past year or so trying to keep to my little blog and not get sucked into the "blogging community." I'm not actually a "blogger," after all.

They say admitting you have a problem is the first step, right? Clearly I'm not there yet.

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Here’s how it works:

1. Link back to the person who awarded you.
(That'd be Sally)

2. Post seven random facts about yourself.

3. Pass the award on to other bloggers.
(Kacey Stevens, I'm looking at you...)

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1. I was not a typical child.

During free time at preschool, my classmates would bring me books and I would read to them. You know, since I could read when I was four and all. When I was five, I typed out all the numbers from 1-1000 on the computer for fun. Trust me, it gets worse. Katherine & I would play "dolls" with puzzle pieces we had that were shaped like the 50 states. California & Texas were the parents, obviously, and Delaware & Rhode Island were the babies. You get the picture. They slept in the doll house beds & everything. It may have been slightly unconventional, but I guarantee you that we were the only kindergarteners who could correctly label a map of the US.

2. I drink way too much coffee.

I apparently take way too many pictures of coffee as well.

It's not even that I drink it for the caffeine; I could drink decaf & be content. I just like the taste. And by "like," I mean "love." And by "love," I mean "am addicted to." While I may still be in denial over my blogger label, I have no problem admitting that I am a coffee junkie.

3. I refuse to mix laundry with anyone.

(I just needed an excuse to show that I did THREE loads of laundry today AND FOLDED EVERYTHING. Look, Mom!)

When I was in elementary school, I watched an insane amount of 7th Heaven and that's what I learned---that doing laundry together is a really big deal. I promise there's an episode about it. Anyway, as absurd as it is, I cannot bring myself to do laundry with anyone until I am married. It absolutely freaks me out.

4. Kacey was my date on Valentine's Day this year :)

Corrie sent this to me in my Valentine's Day package. She made it. Craftiness clearly runs in the family.

On Monday, I drove to Cary to surprise Kace at Domo Sushi while she was working. I then proceeded to eat my Valentine's Day dinner being the only person seated at a table for four. Thankfully, I had the prettiest waitress in the whole wide world doting on me the entire time :)

5. If I could be anyone in the entire world, I would be Pocahontas.

Yes, this picture was taken within the last two months. Don't judge.

Pocahontas was my favorite Disney movie ever, hands down. I was Pocahontas for Halloween multiple times. One year, we had to dress up as vegetables for church (I have not the slightest clue why). I just remember being really bitter about having to be a stupid vegetable, so I wore my Pocahontas outfit and told everyone I was indian corn.

6. The number one item on my bucket list is to hike the entire Appalachian Trail.

I've hiked parts of it at various times in my life, but I would love to take six months or so and do the whole thing from Maine to Georgia. I'm thinking if I can raise $30,000 by the time I graduate, I may be able to convince my parents to let me postpone getting a job for six months. Any takers?

7. I broke my "don't wear braids & a beret more than once a month" rule tonight.

I couldn't help it---it's my favorite. One day, I will be cool enough to pull it off all the time. Besides, tonight was totally allowed because I went to singer-songwriter night at the Devil's Bistro and heard Brett Harris:

I'm a fan. You know I'm always a sucker for the $0.99 artists :) Check him out.

• • • • •

Whew, I hope that qualifies as seven random facts about myself. Like I said, I would pass this along, but my friends aren't lame enough (ahem, I meant cool enough) to blog like I do. It's okay. Their time will come. I think it's like owning a mini-van. Everyone always says they'll never buy one, but they all eventually do :)